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Strawberry Hill is a 9 hole course. However, there are a few holes on which the tee position is slightly different on the 2nd nine holes which can affect the distance of the hole or the direction of the tee shot to the green. This means that the difficulty of the hole and the stroke index for the hole can be very different between the first or second rounds. In the description below, any significant differences will be covered on each hole.

There are no ladies tees on the course. All golfers play from the same tees. The par for some holes, and the stroke indices are different for women, but the descriptions apply to all golfers.

The descriptions apply to the competition tees. In all instances the friendly tees are between ten and twenty yards ahead of these competition tees.

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1st - 474 yards / 10th - 455 yards

This hole, at 474yds, is the longest on the course and the most obvious danger from the raised tee is the railway line which borders the left hand side of the fairway for its entire length. The stream, which crosses eight of the nine holes, will catch any short drives, and, with two bunkers on one side and trees on the other side of the gentle right curve of the fairway, it's a very testing start to the course. The 10th tee is just slightly in front of the 1st and slightly lower. In common with all the greens on the course, there is no room behind the 1st, and it is also guarded by three bunkers, with the one at the front right taking most errant shots.
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2nd - 227 yards / 11th - 224 yards

There is a path to the left of the 1st green which runs behind the 4th tee and 3rd green to the 2nd/11th tees. The 2nd tee is again elevated and gives an excellent view, over the stream and the small trees beside it, to the green 224 yards away, between two greenside bunkers. This is the first of three very testing par 3's for men, (the 3rd & 4th are par 4's for women), and the green is arguably the most difficult on the course. The 11th tee is located further along the same path and the view to the green from this tee is very different to that from the 2nd. The trees on both sides of the tee and the willow leaning out across the stream present a narrow avenue to the green.
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3rd - 232 yards / 12th - 226 yards

The third hole, measuring 232yds is probably the narrowest on the course. The exit from the tee is protected by trees on both sides, and the brook crosses the hole at 120 yds. An accurate tee shot is required to land on the fairway which starts at the brook. On the right of the fairway are tall trees and to the left a row of humps in the rough which give very unpredictable lies. There is one green-side bunker on the left to add to the general difficulty of the challenge posed by this hole. The 12th hole is exactly the same as the 3rd but only slightly shorter.
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4th - 241 yards / 13th 241 yards

The 4th hole is the longest of the par 3's at 240 yds. The same accuracy is required here from the tee with the better drives favouring the left of the fairway.  This relatively large green is protected on either side at the front by deep bunkers. A very testing hole. The 13th hole is exactly the same as the 4th but slightly shorter.
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5th - 260 yards / 14th - 253 yards

The 5th hole is only slightly longer than the 4th but has much more character. At 260yds it is very tempting to try to drive the green but the narrow entrance presented by high trees on either side and the brook faced by a high bank all at 220 yds make this a high risk and reward par 4. There is a bunker on the left of the green to further dissuade all but the bravest and most accurate big hitters from taking this hole on. The alternative is a mid iron and a pitch to the green but whereas the fun in that? The 14th is from the same tee but slightly shorter.
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6th - 135 yards / 15th - 145 yards

The 6th hole is the shortest hole on the course at 135yds over the brook and over a bunker in front of the green. There is also a bunker at the right rear of the green. This hole is a simple par 3 offering some respite from the difficulty of those preceding it. The 15th hole is from a tee only 15yds behind the 6th but the challenge it presents is surprisingly much greater. The front bunker appears much bigger and, particularly against the wind, this hole suddenly seems much longer and testing. The green is small and bordered at the back by high conifers and it can be difficult to reach and stay on the surface from the longer tee position.
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7th - 328 yards / 16th - 328 yards

The 7th hole is a fairly straightforward par 4, which has been toughened most recently by the introduction of a number of trees on the right which have substantially narrowed the fairway and enforced a drive down the left hand side to the ideal position for the green. A sloping green which seems to defy any attempt to read the route to the hole is further protection. The 16th hole is identical to the 7th from a small teeing area.
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8th - 170 yards / 17th - 142 yards

The 8th hole is another testing par 3 into the prevailing wind. The brook, absent from the previous hole, really comes into its own on the 8th as it slopes from left to right in front of the green catching any slice however well hit. A two tier green, challenging the 2nd for the title of most difficult, and surrounded by three bunkers makes this a really challenging 170yds. In contrast, the 17th is a comparatively simple and much shorter par 3 from a tee to the right of the 8th which gives a very different view to the green.
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9th - 281 yards / 18th - 289 yards

The 9th tee is tucked away in a little avenue of trees which provides an intimidating vista when driving at this 287yd hole. The brook is again diagonally across at 150 yds but runs under the middle of the narrow fairway. Golfers should take care lining up their drive because the tee tends to take them to the right whereas the ideal approach to the green is from the left, away from the large trees on the other side of the fairway. There are two large bunkers immediately in front of the green and another large shallow bunker on the left hand side. The green looks relatively flat but is anything but with a number of gentle slopes making it another one difficult to read. The 18th hole is similar to the 9th and just slightly longer and more testing from the tee.

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