Club Business Network

Our business network listing is a great resource for all our Members and visitors
If you are a local business owner, let the members and visitors know what you offer with a full-page feature profile of your business.

Mobile App and Diary Advertising including Facebook & Twitter links for £175.00 inc VAT for 12 months.

Upon signing up you will receive 2 x Midweek 4 ball Vouchers as an introductory offer to our golf club

Call Jonathan Wright on 020 8894 0165 for more details

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London Building Equipment (UK) Ltd. Matisse Kitchens DPMC Milestone & Collis




What's happening in Strawberry Hill ?

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Society and Corporate

Great rates, great value and great golf call us for more information.

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Get Into Golf

What's happening in Strawberry Hill

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Junior Committee

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Club Business Network

Find products and services from local businesses.

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